Levadopa (L-dopa) is the most effective Parkinson’s disease treatment available. Carbidopais only added to L-dopa to stop nausea caused by using L-dopa the wrong way. Use of this combined drug leads to the progressive deterioration of the patient.
Carbidopa irreversibly binds to and permanently deactivates the active form of vitamin B6 where ever it is found in the body. With over 300 enzymes and proteins requiring B6 for normal function, there is no other vitamin or nutrient responsible for more vital chemical reactions.

Excerpt from a paper by Marty Hinz,MD, Alvin Stein, MD and Ted Cole, DO.

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I've been a holistic chiropractor for over 30 years, employing nutrition, herbals, homeopathics, energetic body work and chiropractic. I've been using amino acid therapy as defined by Marty Hinz, MD for over ten years. Recently I decided to open an online clinic for the treatment of Parkinson's using Dr. Hinz's protocols.

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