Parkinson’s Scientifically Based Nutrition Clinic

If you are open to natural options for healing and halting the progression of Parkinson’s disease in your life.

If you already realize the limitations of current medical care for Parkinson’s disease and the devastating effects of many Parkinson’s drugs.

If you are ready to experience your own remarkable recovery potential with scientifically based nutrition.

Then you are going to love Parkinson’s Scientifically Based Nutrition Clinic.


I've been a holistic chiropractor for over 30 years, employing nutrition, herbals, homeopathics, energetic body work and chiropractic. I've been using amino acid therapy as defined by Marty Hinz, MD for over ten years. Recently I decided to open an online clinic for the treatment of Parkinson's using Dr. Hinz's protocols.

One response to “Parkinson’s Scientifically Based Nutrition Clinic”

  1. Miriam Stallcop says :

    Hello. My name is Miriam and I have been searching for help to ease or heal my husband’s Parkinson’s. Terry is 69 years old; he has been diagnosed with the disease 10 years ago. I go in touch with Dr’s Frank Shallenberger’s secretary; unfortunately this doctor cannot talk to me till sometimes in August – too long to wait. So, I decided to search Dr. Marty Hinz and found this site, my hope is to get some good answers and help from you.

    In the last year Terry has deteriorated pretty much. His doctor has been prescribing him to take Carbidopa Levodopa 37.5 mg 4 times a day and two at night making all together 6 times. In the last 6 months his doctor added half a pill of Carbidopa 25 mg-levodopa 100 mg (for sinemet) 4 times during the day and two during the middle of the night, these have helped a little but it has given my husband some of the diskenesia movements. Also, an hr before and after he takes his prescribed drugs he gets worse for a while, his legs freeze, his speech is slurred and his mind confused. After a while he gets better. I am terribly sad to see my husband going through this all the time and getting worse and worse as the days go by.
    After reading and listening to the video a doctor Cargioli, trained by Marty Hanz I read about the amino acid protocol to halt the disease. My question is: Apparently after starting with the protocol the patient feels somehow worse for a while, but I didn’t grasp about how long before getting better. Is this protocol treatment a good one that truly helps halt with the progression of the disease and how much is the total cost to invest in this venture that I know nothing about?

    Please send your reply and whatever else I need to know to my e-mail address below:

    Thank you,

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